Filo wrapped Chicken Breast with garlic pesto, parmesan, grilled zucchini & eggplant

4 chicken breast fillets
4 Tb Giuliano wild garlic pesto
100 gm shredded cheddar cheese
100 gm shaved parmesan cheese
1 zucchini sliced lengthways ½ cm thick
1 eggplant sliced lengthways ½ cm thick
1 packet of thick filo pastry sheets
125g butter melted.
Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. Pound each breast between two sheets of plastic wrap with a mallet or rolling pin until 1cm thick. Divide the pesto and cheese among the breasts to make a strip along the centre. Lay a piece of eggplant and zucchini on top of each then roll up tightly lengthways. Take a sheet of filo laid out flat and brush with melted butter. Lay a second sheet on top then brush with butter again. (So the remaining filo doesn’t dry cover with a damp cloth). Place chicken at the end of pastry and roll once, fold over both ends then continue to roll. Place with join facing down on a lined with baking paper then brush again with the butter. Cook in oven for 20 min. Serve with fresh garden salad.

Serves: 4

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