Cooking Instructions

If you’ve bought something from the Market Made or Deli range at Bunbury Farmers Market, here’s a guide to the oven temperatures and cooking times we recommend for the most delicious results!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for cooking instructions for something you’ve bought from the Gourmet Butcher Counter, please Click Here.

Heat and Eat

Cooking Guide

Preheat oven to temps shown below before cooking –
cooking times may vary between appliances.

Product Location Cooking Instruction
Fish Cakes Deli 15 min at 180˚
Gourmet Pasty Deli 25-35 mins at 180˚
Individual Pie Deli 15-18 mins at 170˚
Individual Quiche Deli 10-15 mins at 170˚
Individual Vegetable Tart Deli 12-15 mins at 170˚
Lasagna Deli 10-15 mins at 180˚
Scotch Egg Deli 10-15 mins at 180˚
Family Pie Range Market Made 35-40 mins at 170˚
Family Quiche Range Market Made 25.30 mins at 170˚
Sausage Rolls Market Made 15-18 mins at 170˚
Spinach and Ricotta Ro Market Made 15-18 mins at 170˚
Vegetable Tart Market Made 20-25 mins at 170˚
Boneless Chicken Roast – Various Meat Cabinet Oven Bake 60-70 mins at 180˚
Chicken Enchiladas Meat Cabinet Oven Bake 35 mins at 160˚
Chicken Kiev Meat Cabinet Oven Bake 30-35 mins at 180˚
Chicken Leg Steaks Various Meat Cabinet Pan Fry or BBQ 10-15 mins
Chicken Rissoles Meat Cabinet Pan Fry or BBQ 8-10 mins
Chicken Roll-Ups Various Flavours Meat Cabinet Oven Bake 40-45 mins at 180˚

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