Cooking Instructions

If you’ve bought something from the Market Made or Deli range at Bunbury Farmers Market, here’s a guide to the oven temperatures and cooking times we recommend for the most delicious results! :o)

Alternatively, if you’re looking for cooking instructions for something you’ve bought from the Gourmet Butcher Counter, please Click Here.

Heat and Eat

Cooking Guide

Preheat oven to temps shown below before cooking –
cooking times may vary between appliances.

Product Location Cooking Instruction
Fish Cakes Deli 15 min at 180˚
Gourmet Pasty Deli 25-35 mins at 180˚
Individual Pie Deli 15-18 mins at 170˚
Individual Quiche Deli 10-15 mins at 170˚
Individual Vegetable Tart Deli 12-15 mins at 170˚
Lasagna Deli 10-15 mins at 180˚
Scotch Egg Deli 10-15 mins at 180˚
Family Pie Range Market Made 35-40 mins at 170˚
Family Quiche Range Market Made 25.30 mins at 170˚
Sausage Rolls Market Made 15-18 mins at 170˚
Spinach and Ricotta Ro Market Made 15-18 mins at 170˚
Vegetable Tart Market Made 20-25 mins at 170˚
Boneless Chicken Roast – Various Meat Cabinet Oven Bake 60-70 mins at 180˚
Chicken Enchiladas Meat Cabinet Oven Bake 35 mins at 160˚
Chicken Kiev Meat Cabinet Oven Bake 30-35 mins at 180˚
Chicken Leg Steaks Various Meat Cabinet Pan Fry or BBQ 10-15 mins
Chicken Rissoles Meat Cabinet Pan Fry or BBQ 8-10 mins
Chicken Roll-Ups Various Flavours Meat Cabinet Oven Bake 40-45 mins at 180˚

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