Dazzling Darryl’s Old Classic Peppered Steak

4 Scotch Fillets
4 tablespoons cracked pepper
600ml Harvey Fresh whipping cream
1 tablespoon Brandy
Splash Worcestershire Sauce
Splash Rice Bran oil
Pinch of salt

Sprinkle cracked pepper & salt on both sides of steak and press into meat.
Heat a very hot pan and add the oil.  Seal steak one side at a time for approx 2-3 mins each side.  Remove steak from pan & set aside to rest for a few minutes.
Return the steak back to a hot pan and add brandy.  This will flambé, then pour in the cream & Worcestershire sauce. Alternatively add the cream & Worcestershire sauce before the brandy.
Reduce sauce down to a thick texture approx 4-5 mins. Serve with jacket potatoes, baby broccoli & baby Dutch carrots.

Serves: 4

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