Pork a lOrange

2 pork fillets cut into medallions
1 tablespoon honey
2 teaspoons of light soy sauce
½ cup fresh orange juice
Marinate the above ingredients together for a minimum of an hour. 
Reserve the marinade for later.
1 tablespoon ginger freshly chopped
½ cup coriander freshly chopped
½ cup fresh dates chopped
1 cup of orange segments de-pithed
1 cup spring onions cut into strips
Splash of Wellyboot olive oil
1 dessertspoon redcurrant jelly

Cooking Method:
Heat the wok and olive oil till hot and add the marinated pork medallions, stir a few seconds to brown and then add the ginger and spring onions.  
Stir, and then add the orange segments, dates, the reserved marinade, the red currant jelly and finish with the coriander.  
Arrange decoratively on a warm plate and serve.  

Serves: 4

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