Fresh Fish Update…

We regularly take delivery of fresh fish and prepare it for you right here at Bunbury Farmers Market.
If you want to check what’s expected in store in the coming days, you can use the list below:

Type Preparation
Baby NW Snapper

Best in curries because of its mild flavour an ability to hold its form.
Also great slow cooked, baked and stir fried. Can also be marinated then BBQ.


Great for BBQ or grill. Also good steamed and oven baked as the moisture is retained.


Best pan seared.

Bronze Whaler

Generally used for battering and deepfrying but can also be cooked on the BBQ or baked when marinated fish. Excellent for soups and the texture makes it perfect for fish cakes.

Groper (Blue groper and NZ)

Works well cooked most ways (baked, pan seared, boiled, deep fried and wet preparation)

Gummy Shark

Great cooked just about any way except in wet dishes as it will be lost.
Great for pan frying, crumbing, poaching etc.


Ideal for stew or soup. Can be seared or grilled but on a low heat because the low oil content can cause it dry out.
Bones are good for stocks.
Great for homemade fish fingers.


Best suited to crumbing and battering. Not recommended for pan frying.


Ideal for delicate fish recipes but is suitable for most cooking methods.

John Dory

Best suited to gentle cooking methods such as pan frying on a low heat or steaming.


Useable in most dishes but recommended for wet dishes such as curries.

Monk Fish

Great for sashimi, grilled or oven bake.
Overcooking makes it tough.

Pink Snapper

It can be cooked in practically every way, or alternatively served raw as sashimi.
Great curried, slow cooked, stir fried or marinated then BBQ.

Rankin Cod

Great panfried or in pasta dishes. Also gret grilled, baked or slow cooked. Can also be crumbed or battered.


Can be served most ways. Works well oven baked, pan seared, poached and grilled.
Can be served raw or smoked.
Also great ceviche (acid cured ie. Lemon juice).


Ideal for pan frying, crumbing and battering.


Excellent for BBQ or deep frying and battering.
Works well pan seared but for a short period as they are so delicate.