Fresh From Your Local Farmers Market

Free Range Chicken

Free Range Chicken

Since opening the new store, we’ve offered a choice of free range Mt Barker chicken alongside a value range of non-free range chicken. Happily the non-free range chicken has now been replaced by a new line of Farmers Market Free Range Chicken which is available at the same great prices!

Farmers Market Shareables

How-To Recipe Videos

Introducing our new how-to video recipes made with fresh ingredients available at Bunbury Farmers Market. We call them Shareables as they’re super easy to make at home to share with friends & family, plus they’re a great little video for sharing on your social channels… Click Here for our Shareables!

Cold Pressed Juices

Nutrient Rich Super Juice!

Rather excitingly for us (and anyone else interested in a refreshing hit of fresh, raw, liquid nutrients) we now have a rather impressive Cold Press machine producing a range of cold pressed juices full of healthy vitamins, minerals and enzymes, twice a day, every day at the Farmers Market; pop in and try ’em!

Whittingtons Oregano

100% Oregano…

Just so you know, we’re not affected by the concerns & recalls affecting dried oregano ingredients because our oregano supplier is Whittingtons – an Australian company producing a range of herbs & spices, including Oregano which they guarantee is 100% Oregano… :o)


Find Your Fav Recipe Here…

If you want to find your favourite BFM recipe, simply type a keyword in the box below & click the button!

Done for you Meals

100% Market Made

The great thing about having access to a fantastic range of super fresh, high quality, locally sourced produce is that we’re able to use the very same foods you see on our shelves everyday as ingredients in our own Market Made range of done for you meals. In case you didn’t know, anything with a Market Made label is made by us, at the Farmers Market, using our own fresh ingredients! :o)

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