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Free Range Chicken

Free Range Chicken

Since opening the new store, we’ve offered a choice of free range Mt Barker chicken alongside a value range of non-free range chicken. Happily the non-free range chicken has now been replaced by a new line of Farmers Market Free Range Chicken which is available at the same great prices!


BFM Salads Unaffected

A recall of pre-packaged salad has been initiated by Coles and Woolworths in NSW, VIC, SA, and ACT. The recall relates to possible links between these salads and a Salmonella outbreak (from the water used to wash the product). Food Standards Australia has listed all states excluding WA and Tasmania as possibly affected. We proudly support our local growers so our pre-packaged salads are grown & packaged here in WA and are not affected by the eastern states recall…

Cold Pressed Juices

Nutrient Rich Super Juice!

Rather excitingly for us (and anyone else interested in a refreshing hit of fresh, raw, liquid nutrients) we’ve officially opened our brand new Cold Press, which will be producing a new range of cold pressed juices packed with healthy vitamins, minerals and enzymes, twice a day, every day from today onward! :o)

Superfood Smoothie

Coming Soon…

Just a quick heads up to let you know that we’re introducing a new, super healthy, super yummy way to eat our Market Made smoothies this week… we’re calling them our Super Food Smoothie Bowls! There are three flavours to; Cacao Banana Blast, Super Berry, and Might Greens… all available with your choice of three delicious toppings! :o)


Find Your Fav Recipe Here…

If you want to find your favourite BFM recipe, simply type a keyword in the box below & click the button!


Cheese Tasting…

If you’ve been to the Farmers Market you’ll already know that we have a dedicated cheese tasting counter where you can sample our range of cheeses, crackers and other accompaniments. But did you know you can as us for recommendations? Just talk to us about that kind of cheese you like and we’ll give you a few new tasty suggestions…

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