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Ploughman’s Sandwich

8 Slices thick bread
4 Cups grated cheddar
1 jar Piccalilli
1 Egg
Splash whipping cream
8 Slices ham
1 cup melted butter
Chives or Spring Onions
1 Dessert spoon Dijon mustard
1 Dessert spoon Worcestershire sauce

1 cup cheddar, splash of cream and spring onions cut finely.

Mix melted butter with mustard and worcester sauce and set aside.
Mix 3 cups of cheddar cheese with piccalilli and the egg.
Butter both sides of bread, lay 4 slices out on a tray. Fill with ham and piccalilli mix, place top slice of bread cook in oven at 200 until brown. Remove and sprinkle on topping place back in oven until topping mix melts over top.

Serves: 2-4

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