Glazed Ham Leg


5kg Barossa Ham leg
150gm Dark Brown Sugar
120gm Seeded Mustard
85gm Honey, warmed


Peel the ham rind away using your index finger and thumb, being careful to leave all the fat. Using a sharp paring knife score the ham fat to create a 3cm diamond pattern. Rub ham fat with brown sugar and keep rubbing until the fat picks up the sugar. Next rub the seeded mustard over the “brown sugar” ham fat, then drizzle warm honey over Ham, to glaze it.

Pre-heat oven to 140C to 160C with the fan on.
Place the glazed ham a roasting tray with a rack.
Pour 500gm water in the roasting tray.
Slowly bake and glaze ham for 1.5 hours.
Keep basting ham with the run off glaze that drip into the tray.


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