Cheeseboard Serving Suggestions


King Island White Mould (Furneaux Double Cream)
King Island Blue Cheese (Roaring Forties)
King Island Cheddar (Surprise Bay)
Quince Paste
Rye Bread
Fruit Loaf


To make a classic cheeseboard, choose 3 cheeses of varying strength and arrange on a board with the mildest in the 12 o’clock position and the next strongest arranged clockwise around the board. In this video we’ve featured a section of King Island Cheeses including a white mould with a beautiful soft texture (Furneaux Double Cream), a blue cheese with a lot of character & flavour (Roaring Forties Blue), and a vintage cheddar (Surprise Bay). Set your cheeses so you can cut a nice long slice from the middle to the end (outer edge) of the cheese (as the end is usually a lot more mature and has more flavour).

For accompaniments add some grapes, walnuts to go with the white mould and blue cheeses, salami, quince paste, honey and crackers. Finally some fresh bread such as a Market Made Rye Bread (great with white mould & cheddar) and some fruit loaf (which goes well with the sharpness of the blue cheese).


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