Lunchbox Ideas


Small apple
Lemon Juice
Seasonal Fruits
Farmers Market Wholemeal Bread
Cheese Slice (Jarlsberg)
Red Capsicum
Baby Carrots
Market Made Nut Butter


Just a few ideas to make your lunchbox fresh & healthy and a little more interesting that a standard sandwich…

Take a small fresh apple (like these lunchbox apples from our grower in Manjimup), and use a core ‘n’ slice gadget to cut the apple into slices, then squeeze some fresh lemon over the inside to stop the flesh going brown and finally use a rubber band to hold the apple together.

Rainbow fruit skewers are a bit of fun and a colourful way to present a handful of seasonal fruits; in this instance I’ve used grapes, blueberries, kiwifruit, mandarin and strawberries but you can use whatever’s available seasonally.

Sushi Sandwiches are an alternative way to make a lunchbox sandwich with a twist, or a roll to be more precise. To make these simply remove the crusts to make even straight edges (you can use the discarded bread to make croutons for a separate meal), use a rolling pin to flatten the bread, butter one side, place your choice of fillings on one half of the bread (I’ve used Ham, sliced Jarlsberg, Avocado, Cucumber and Red Capsicum). Roll together so the buttered side sticks the bread together, then slice in half to make bitesized rolls.

For a treat and something to dip, grab some baby carrots (or slice some regular carrots) and cut some sticks of celery and pack them into your lunchbox with a little pot of nut butter (I’ve used our Market Made Peanut Butter here).

Pack everything into your lunchbox and enjoy!


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