Lamb Roast


Marinade Ingredients (to make 95gms):
50gm Whole Garlic
15gm Vegetable oil
10gm Butter
7gm Rosemary leaves
50gm Honey
40gm Hot English Mustard Glaze
2gm Salt

Main Ingredients:
700g lamb shoulder (or you can use butterflied lamb leg)
50g of marinade
Lemon 7g – 3 slices cut in half
Cracked pepper – 2 grms
Fresh parsley – 1 grms
Fresh rosemary (left on stalk) – 2 grms


Marinade Method:
Slowly Caramelise garlic in oil for 10 minutes
Add Rosemary, Butter, Honey, Mustard, and Salt
Slowly Simmer for 15 minutes then blitz with blender or processor

Main Method:
Preheat oven to 180C.
Butterfly lamb shoulder, paint on wet marinade inside the shoulder then roll up evenly.
Using cooking twine tie tightly using 3-4 strings.
To prep the bag, fold down the sides (similar to how you prep an icing bag so you don’t get icing all over the top). Place the lamb in the bag and paint more marinade on top.
Sprinkle cracked pepper, fresh Rosemary and place fresh lemon on top.
Close bag and cook in the oven for 1.15 hours.


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